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Home automation is the largest up and coming business that every household could explore in the near future.  This takes basic electronics that have been used commercially and industrially  and makes it affordable  as well as easy to operate for the home user.  You have heard of X10 and Smarthome,  these companies offer the concepts that we have developed for your home and office.  X10 has received a lot of bad publicity due to their lack of research and development.  We have an edge to their halt in technology.  With the help of Smarthome's being a leader in research we have combined our experience and their development into a leading company who specializes in controls and building automation.

Behold... with the added help of Smarthome research and development we have produced the Home automation solution in the most affordable way.

Most venders and dealers start a fully furnished home at $50,000.00 and finish at $200,000.00.  We traditionally start at $6,500.00 and finish at $13,000.00.



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Last modified: 05/18/11